Prediction #1 (Japan region)  p_iugg03.pdf  (technical info A2002686.D1, A2002686.D3A, A2002686.D3B)
Prediction #2 (Central California)  Prediction_Cal03a_all.pdf  (technical info A2003180.D1, A2003180.D3A, A2003180.D3B)
Prediction #3 (Southern California)  Issue1.pdf   (technical info A2003704.D1, A2003704.D3A, A2003704.D3B)
Prediction #4 (Northern Dinarides, Italy-Austria-Slovenia)  Issue1.pdf  (technical info A2003798.D1, A2003798.D3A, A2003798.D3B)
Prediction #5 (Japan region)  Issue2.pdf   (technical info A2003734.D1, A2003734.D3A, A2003734.D3B)
Prediction #6 (Southern California)  Issue4.pdf   (technical info A2004818.D1, A2004818.D3A, A2004818.D3B)
Prediction #6a (Southern California)  RTP6a.pdf   (technical info A2005309.D1, A2005309.D3A, A2005309.D3B)
Prediction #6b (Southern California)  RTP6b.pdf   (technical info A2005901.D1, A2005901.D3A, A2005901.D3B)
Prediction #6c (Southern California)  RTP6C.PDF   (technical info A2005901.D1, A2005997.D1, A2005901.D3A, A2005997.D3A, A2005901.D3B, A2005997.D3B)
Prediction #6d (Southern California)  RTP6D.PDF   (technical info A2006342.D1, A2006342.D3A, A2006342.D3B,P6D.NFO)
Prediction #6e (Southern California)  RTP6E.PDF   (technical info A2007228.D1, A2007228.D3A, A2007228.D3B,P6E.NFO)
Prediction #6f (Southern California)  RTP6f.pdf   (technical info rtp6f.d1, rtp6f.d3a, rtp6f.d3b, rtp6f.lna, rtp6f.lnb, rtp6f.nfo)
Prediction #7 (Off coast Oregon)  RTP7.pdf    (technical info A2004466.D1, A2004466.D3A, A2004466.D3B)
Prediction #8 (Central Italy, Adriatic Sea)  RTP8.pdf   (technical info A2004673.D1, A2004673.D3A, A2004673.D3B)
Prediction #8a (Italy)  RTP8a.pdf   (technical info A2005198.D1, A2005198.D3A, A2005198.D3B)
Prediction #9 (Japan)  RTP9.pdf   (technical info A2005185.D1, A2005185.D3A, A2005185.D3B)
Prediction #10 (Hokkaido-Kuriles)  RTP10.pdf   (technical info A2005525.D1, A2005525.D3A, A2005525.D3B)
Prediction #10a (Hokkaido-Kuriles)  RTP10a.pdf   (technical info A2006411.D1, A2006411.D3A, A2006411.D3B)
Prediction #11 (Italy)  RTP11.pdf   (technical info A2006166.D1, A2006166.D3A, A2006166.D3B)
Prediction #12 (Off the coast of Oregon)  RTP12.pdf   (technical info A2006578.D1, A2006578.D3A, A2006578.D3B, P12.NFO)

Prediction #NP1 (Aleutians)  RTP_NP1.pdf   (technical info a2006648.d1, a2006648.d3a, a2006648.d3b,NP1.NFO)

Prediction #NP1a (Aleutians)  RTP_NP1a.pdf   (technical info NP1A.D1, NP1A.D3A, NP1A.D3B, NP1A.NFO)

Prediction #14 (Central California)  RTP14.PDF   (technical info P14.D1, P14.D3A, P14.D3B, P14.LNA, P14.LNB, P14.NFO)
Prediction #14a (Central California) RTP14A.PDF - (technical info P14A.D1, P14A.D3A), P14.D3B, P14A.LNA, P14A.LNB, P14A.NFO)

Prediction #NP2 (Off the coast of Oregon)  RTP_NP2.pdf   (technical info np2.d1, np2.d3a, np2.d3b, np2.lna, np2.lnb, NP2.NFO)

Prediction #16 (Off the coast of Oregon)  RTP16.pdf   (technical info rtp16.d1, rtp16.d3a, rtp16.d3b, rtp16.lna, np2.lnb, rtp16.nfo)

Prediction #17 (Northern Italy)  RTP17.pdf   (technical info rtp17.d1, rtp17.d3a, rtp17.d3b, rtp17.lna, rtp17.lnb, rtp17.nfo)

Prediction #18 (Central California)  RTP18.pdf   (technical info rtp18.d1, rtp18.d3a, rtp18.d3b, rtp18.lna, rtp18.lnb, rtp18.nfo)

Prediction #NP3 (Off the coast of Oregon)  RTP_NP3.pdf   (technical info np3.d1, np3.d3a, np3.d3b, np3.lna, np3.lnb, NP3.NFO)

Prediction #20 (Kurils)  RTP20.pdf   (technical info rtp20.d1, rtp20.d3a, rtp20.d3b, rtp20.lna, rtp20.lnb, rtp20.NFO)

Prediction #21 (California)  RTP21.pdf   (technical info rtp21.d1, rtp21.d3a, rtp21.d3b, rtp22np.lna, rtp21.lnb, rtp21.nfo)

Prediction #22NP (Off the coast of Oregon)  rtp22np.pdf   (technical info rtp22np.d1, rtp22np.d3a, rtp22np.d3b, rtp22np.lna, rtp22np.lnb, rtp22np.nfo)

Prediction #23jp (Japan)  rtp23jp.pdf   (technical info rtp23jp.d1, rtp23jp.d3a, rtp23jp.d3b, rtp23jp.lna, rtp23jp.lnb, rtp23jp.nfo)

Prediction #24ce (California-Nevada)  rtp24ce.pdf   (technical info rtp24ce.d1, rtp24ce.d3a, rtp24ce.d3b, rtp24ce.lna, rtp24ce.lnb, rtp24ce.nfo)

Prediction #25np (Kamchatka and Kuriles)  rtp25np.pdf   (technical info rtp25np.d1, rtp25np.d3a, rtp25np.d3b, rtp25np.lna, rtp25np.lnb, rtp25np.nfo)

Prediction #26ce (California-Nevada)  rtp26ce.pdf   (technical info rtp26ce.d1, rtp26ce.d3a, rtp26np.d3b, rtp26np.lna, rtp26np.lnb, rtp26np.nfo)

Prediction #27jp (Japan)  rtp27jp.pdf   (technical info rtp27jp.d1, rtp27jp.d3a, rtp27jp.d3b, rtp27jp.lna, rtp27jp.lnb, rtp27jp.nfo)

Prediction #28np (California-Oregon-Sea)  rtp28np.pdf   (technical info rtp28np.d1, rtp28np.d3a, rtp28np.d3b, rtp28np.lna, rtp28np.lnb, rtp28np.nfo)

Prediction #29np (Kamchatka and Kuriles)  rtp29np.pdf   (technical info rtp29np.d1, rtp29np.d3a, rtp29np.d3b, rtp29np.lna, rtp29np.lnb, rtp29np.nfo)



technical info:

*.D1 - List of earthquakes that formed the precursory chain,

*.D3A and *.D3B - List of centers and radii of circles forming area of prediction: Variants A and B respectively,

*.LNA and *.LNB - Polygon outlining area of prediction: Variants A and B respectively.

*.NFO - expected magnitude according to Shebalin, 2006

Summary of RTP predictions up to October 1, 2005

Summary of RTP predictions up to December 28, 2006

Summary of RTP predictions up to December 19, 2007


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